SJC Month 4: A Look at Hunger

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It’s Month 4 of the Social Justice Challenge (SJC). The goal of the SJC is to foster learning about social justice issues through reading and then to put feet to that newfound knowledge through some sort of action. (Learning is the easy part; it’s the action that’s difficult!)

The SJC hosts post an introductory question or activity for participants to use as a kick off for each month’s topic. My response follows, and I recommend visiting SJC’s site to review other participant responses. A major component of this challenge is seeing things from someone else’s perspective so that we can grow in our own.

For the month of April we will look at hunger.


SJC: Post an image on your blog . . . something you think about when you hear the word hunger.

Photo #1

The painful reality of hunger is that people are dying from it. Research on World Vision’s Web site tells us that 5 million children die of hunger each year.1

Photo #2

Battling hunger can be as simple as donating a goat, which gives crucial nourishment through milk, cheese, and yogurt. One goat costs just $75 through World Vision.

SJC4 Action #1

For the the duration of SJC4, the Free Rice button will be posted in the right margin to encourage my blog visitors to play a round. Not only does it donate rice to those who are hungry, but it’s also a good mental workout—you get to choose the subject of your game (vocabulary, languages, chemistry, geography, math, etc.). Your smarts earn 10 grains of rice for every correct answer. So go on over to Free Rice and play a round for the cause.

Join the SJC! Let’s read, act, and change together in 2010. Visit SJC HQ for details.
Photo #1 Source: World Vision
1. World Vision
Photo #2 Source: World Vision

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