One of my greatest joys is seeing others learn and grow by sharing the things I’ve been pondering. If you are looking for someone to share a message at a conference, retreat, or event, I’d be honored to do so.



January 25 // Nonprofit Communications Seminar
How to Boost Donor Giving in 2019 with Sherry Quam Taylor
Normal, Illinois

January 25 // COMFORT DETOX Lecture at Ithaka Fellowship
Normal, Illinois


FALL 2018

October 12 // Nonprofit Communications Seminar
10 Hurdles That Keep You from Growing Your Nonprofit (and How to Avoid Them) with Sherry Quam Taylor
Normal, Illinois
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October 26–27 // South Tampa Fellowship
Fall Women’s Conference
Tampa, Florida
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November 9–10 // Leaf Institute of Art & Vocation
Word+Craft Weekend with Hannah Anderson
Greenville, South Carolina
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Listed below are speaking topics and retreat themes that give you an idea of the sort of messages I tend to present. I’m happy to design a message to fit your specific event theme. Review the topics and retreats, and then contact me to discuss your needs. I’d love to hear from you!

Sample Messages

  • Looking for Comfort in All the Wrong Places
  • When God Seems to Say No
  • Living a Life That Yields
  • Wired for Comfort
  • A Well for Our Thirsty Souls
  • Love Isn’t for the Faint of Heart
  • Paying It Forward: How Sharing Comfort Changes Everything
  • Keeping Company with Those Who Suffer
  • Comfort Agents in a World of Need

retreat 1: Wired for Comfort

Why is it we never feel satisfied? What is it about this life that stirs up an angst for something we can’t quite name or find? The mystery of it points to God’s design—how He made us to need and seek comfort from the true source.

  • Session 1: The Ache That Won’t Be Satisfied: How Our Seeking Fails Us
  • Session 2: The Comfort Our Hearts Long For: How God Wired Us for Comfort
  • Session 3: The Gift That Keeps on Giving: How Comfort Is Meant to Be Used

retreat 2: Thirsty Souls

Is your soul thirsty? Is there a deep-down ache that drives you to seek comfort from people, places, and things—yet eludes you at every turn? God has a cup of cold water for your soul, one that will not only satisfy you but will pour over into every part of your life:

  • Session 1: Symptoms of a Thirsty Soul
  • Session 2: Drinking from the Bottomless Well
  • Session 3: Pouring into Others