Start Your Brain Cells for the Mega Memory Month Challenge

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If I were to identify myself by personality type—type A is the proactive, on-the-go variety and type B is the passive, homebody sort—I would have to say I’m a type B. (I doubt those who know me would disagree.)

It’s not that I don’t have goals and dreams. I have plenty. What I don’t have is the sort of logical mind that tells me how to get from A to Z.

I have lots of vision. What I lack is strategy.

So when Chelsey spoke of the 101 in 1,001 Challenge—developing 101 things to accomplish in 1,001 days—it was like a ready-made framework for all my dreamy thoughts! The challenge requires your goals to be precise and measurable—no wispy or muddy objectives allowed.

Initially I could think of only 60 or so goals, but I charted them out with measurable completion dates. (And a good chunk of these goals are habits I need to form, so I also made a daily checklist to track my progress.)

After a few weeks, I had the proof of my work before me—and in some areas I was failing miserably. With all the goals on paper, it became obvious that I had listed the target destination (point Z) without taking into consideration what other tasks would be needed to get there.

For example, I would like to read one classic literature book a month. But to be successful, I would also need to get the book (from the library or the bookstore) . . . it’s difficult to read a book I don’t have in my possession.

This in mind, I added these necessary prep-steps as additional goals. My list has grown from 60 to 90 just by being specific and defining all the steps!

One habit I have listed for the challenge is Scripture memorization. This is important to me for several reasons:

1) My attitude is much better when I set my mind on the things of God.
2) My brain needs the regular mental workout.
3) My spiritual disciplines are not so disciplined.

The desire to meditate and chew on and ingest the Word is there; but the practice of it is difficult to establish. How thrilled I was to find Ann Kroeker’s Mega Memory Month carnival to help me along!

This is so great! Whatever you want to memorize—Scripture, poetry, speeches—just join the carnival team to get inspiration and tips. I have settled on two chapters of Scripture for the MMM carnival: John 15 and James 1. (I started these in the last few years, but never got them down—but now I’m determined! Well, as determined as a type B gal can get.)

And now that I know my success hinges on those prep-tasks, I know I need to: 1) print these verses out for easy access, and 2) make several copies to place in strategic locations—in my purse, in my car, in my journal. (My, how logical is that?! And that came out of my brain—amazing!)

Today is Day 2 of the carnival . . . I’m not exactly behind (yet) but I do feel the pressure to get a move on. So I’m off to make my copies . . . can’t wait till November, when all my exercised brain cells are sharpened.

Oh, the thinks I will think then!

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