Stay Tuned for God’s Version of My Life

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I’m India bound.

February 8 I will board a plane that will send me halfway around the world and approximately 8,226 miles from home. This trip is the culmination of a journey that began just over a year ago, when I first started developing communications for As Our Own.

I didn’t realize that working for As Our Own would become one of those major section dividers in the story of my life. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the story of my life would include the topics of India and fighting child exploitation or that I would get to write about the transforming work that God is doing in places I’ve never been. How grateful I am that God is the one writing my story, because His version is way better than mine.

Although I’ve posted here at The Patch about As Our Own many times, you may not have read those entries . . . in brief, As Our Own works in India, standing in the gap for children who are at risk for life-long bondage, in treacherous situations that would lead to exploitation in the sex trade, organized begging, or bonded labor.

This work takes several forms. First is the immediate rescue of children who are in danger of exploitation and enslavement. They are adopted into the lifelong As Our Own family where they become beloved daughters, for life.

Another aspect of the work addresses the systemic, long-term issues that put children at risk. Without the transforming power of God’s love, there will always be another child to rescue. As Our Own fosters root-level transformation by equipping the Church and leaders to build strong communities where predators can no longer prey upon the innocent.

This is the beautiful work God is doing in the beautiful country of India. I cannot believe I get to be part of it. And I cannot believe I get to go there!

Many of you are curious what I will be doing on my trip. The goal is that I would see with my own eyes what I have been writing about for the past year! I want to be a sponge, soaking up everything I might need for future writing projects. I want to be a curious reporter, full of wonder and probing questions about a country and a people and a culture I have grown to love. I want to be a servant, willing to pour myself out in love and humility in whatever way I am prompted.

As far as day-to-day happenings, these are the sorts of things I will experience:

  • meet the 70-plus daughters in the As Our Own family
  • lead devotional sessions with the girls
  • meet the girls’ live-in staff, caretakers, and care directors
  • gather story leads and information for future communications
  • learn all I can about India’s society and culture
  • visit As Our Own’s Hope College, meeting the professors and students
  • visit an As Our Own–supported Lighthouse Church, meeting the pastor and congregants

This brief overview surely won’t do my trip justice! I don’t know how to explain a trip I’ve never taken to a land I’ve never visited to meet people I’ve only heard about, read about, and written about. I will be learning as I go, and I plan to post reports here during my stay.

I hope you will visit The Patch February 8–18 to discover what I am discovering. This is one story I don’t want to miss! (Thank You, God!)

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