Stop the Reading Madness! [With a Mini-Challenge Trio]

By April 18, 2009 culture No Comments

It’s time to switch mental gears! This mini-challenge offers several options for a quick break from your reading madness, and you have two hours to do it (Hours 16 and 17).

Select and complete one Reading Madness Mini-Challenge option, then write a short post about it. Send me the link to your post through the comments on this page—I’ll organize the links and publish them all at the end of the challenge (so be sure to visit after Hour 17 to see what everyone was up to!).

Option 1: Peeps War
Put your leftover Peeps to war! Place two or more Peeps facing each other on a microwavable plate (paper, if you want easy post-battle clean up). Stick a toothpick sword in each Peep, getting them poised and ready for battle. Turn on the microwave, and see which Peep evades the sword! Write a post about the battle and include a photo if possible.

Option 2: Hue Test
Do you have an eye for color? Take the hue color test to prove it! Write a post about your color arranging experience, including your score.

Option 3: Accent Game
Do you have an ear for accents? Play the accent game to see how many accents you can identify. Write a post about the game, including your score.

Reading Madness Mini-Challenge participants are eligible for the prize drawing: a signed copy of Ann Kroeker’s soon-to-be-released book, Not So Fast. Check out the book and the rest of Ann’s blog for more details.

I hope these activities provide some refreshment for the hours of reading ahead!

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