Summer Reading Synopsis

By August 11, 2009 culture No Comments

My summer has been full of reading—so lovely! And the books have all been youth and children’s books from the library. Perhaps you read my post on the A.R.K.S. (Adults Reading Kids Stuff) program, detailing my vision for completing 25 books in just seven weeks . . . the deadline for this grand challenge being today. And I’m a few books shy of 25. [sigh.] Even worse, I’m not able to get to the library to turn in my form to receive the prize for reading five books. [double sigh.]

What does this mean?

It means no free cookie.

But I have gained much in reading outside my typical nonfiction selections. The creativity, the fresh perspective on controversial issues, the insight into different cultures . . . all these will stay with me long after a cookie is consumed. I’m working on a Summer Reading Symposium with comments on all the titles I chose, so watch for that later this week.

Even with all the wonderful reads that have made a home in my world of thought, I really did like the idea of gaining a cookie after reading 25 books.

No matter. I’ve got my sights set on Summer 2010. It will be the Year of the Cookie.

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