Swatting the Bug of Discontentment

By October 19, 2009 culture, faith No Comments

Hollow voice begging for the ever elusive “more.”

Grasping hands that are already plenty full, plenty busy.

Empty stomach that’s just been fed.

That’s how I describe the bug of discontentment. He’s tiny, but oh-so-persistent.

Have you ever been bugged by him? I have. If I don’t pay attention, he coaxes me to shop when I don’t need another material thing, eat when I’m not hungry, and feel lonely when God is always near.

My friend Leah over at practicing joy has a three-post series on how to shoo him away by moving from discontentment to contentment. You won’t find a formula there, but you will find powerful Truth. And Truth is better than formula any day.

See what she has to say. You’ll be inspired and enlightened—and by God’s grace, a bit more content.

Contentment, Part 1
Contentment, Part 2
Contentment, Part 3

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