Making the World a Better Place

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So I wrote a book. Stringing together some 50,000 words in a way that is purposeful and intriguing was no small task. As any creative sort will attest, I had to find pockets of time and attention to invest, often in early or late hours when other obligations and responsibilities…

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Where Creativity Flourishes

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Breath for the Bones Book Club: Thoughts on the Introduction Two questions were raised by Luci Shaw in the introduction of her book Breath for the Bones—Art, Imagination, and Spirit: Reflections on Creativity and Faith: How does faith inform art? How can art animate faith? Shaw lingers over these, reflecting…

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Art that bolsters my soul

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 A Step of Faith a painting by Angel Ambrose One great blessing I have in life is to have dear friends to share the walk with. Not just acquaintances. I mean kindred spirits: people I can call at a moment’s notice and dump the depths of my heart in all…

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