Beach Retreat 2013

Finding More of My Something

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A few years ago, I read The Hole in Our Gospel by World Vision CEO Richard Stearns. My tears flowed for weeks every time I thought of the widespread suffering and pain in our world. That book tore me apart. I needed it, but it hurt. My prayers became fervent:…

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This Isn’t Last Year’s Beach Retreat

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Emerald waters fill the horizon here, and the hush-rush of waves meeting the sandy shore fill the ear. Both fill my heart. Here I am on another Beach Retreat—how many years have we done this now? We have wondered, unable to pinpoint it exactly. I think this may be year…

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Beach Retreat 2013 Reading Stack

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Oh book stack, how do I love thee! Beach Retreat allows the time and space to read to my heart’s content. Such a treat! And because I want to read All The Books, I always pack way more than is reasonable for a seven-day stretch. I always hold out hope…

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