Boulder Colorado

Boulder Coffee Fest Recap

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When Mike and I first started dreaming of an extended trip to Boulder this summer, two words came to mind: Caribou Coffee. I love Caribou’s Campfire Mocha and figured Caribou must have shops in Boulder. It’s very name is reminiscent of animals and mountains and nature and all. I figured…

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Sharing vs. Owning

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I used the B-cycle bike sharing service here in Boulder and loved it! Such a great idea that I had to write about it—thought my Mixed Signals column was the perfect platform. Bike sharing stirred up in me all the thoughts that have been brewing about the excessive need to…

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Mountaintop Meetings and the Number 40

By | faith | One Comment

July has been a big month for me. First there was The Birthday, the one everyone dreads, but because numbers don’t click with my word-wired brain, I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I did, however, appreciate Lodge Lady K’s comment that the number 40 holds special biblical…

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