Have You Been Bullied by Busyness?

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When you think of your daily life, what word comes to mind? For many Americans, the word is busy. We are busy working, busy playing. We are busy at home and at church, in the community and in our thoughts. Sometimes I wonder if busy is merely a catchall term…

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Desperately Seeking Perfection

By | faith, language | No Comments

You may have noticed postings have been sparse around here lately. I’ve had the joy of being swamped and a wee bit stressed over several large projects over the past two months for great clients: Spread Truth, Zdi, and Charasia. I have truly loved my work. (There’s just been a…

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No More Noisy Living

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Several years ago, I thumbed through a book on stimulation overload. I vaguely remember a section being dedicated to our senses being hyperstimulated by the noise we face today. For whatever reason at the time, I did not purchase the book, but I now wish that I had! It’s been…

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