Celebration of Discipline

To Pray Is to Change

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For all the ways of communicating, writing comes easiest for me. It is much more natural for me to first work things out on paper or keyboard before speaking them aloud. I am the opposite of a verbal processor. This may be why prayer has always been difficult for me….

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Thinking God’s Thoughts

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Moments of quiet are rare, aren’t they? There are too many things to watch, listen to, read; there are beloved friends and family to enjoy; there is work to be done and community to build. Even if we can step away from the fellowship, information, and entertainment, our own thoughts…

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How Will You Tend Your Soul in 2016?

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With just about two weeks left in 2015, it’s time. I’m reviewing the past 12 months and thinking ahead to a new year. Which involves all sorts of pondering and praying and dreaming—everything I love to do. Details of my 2015 review and 2016 dreams are forthcoming, but one idea…

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