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Coffee-a-Month Roundup for 2018

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Sometimes it seems that life is merely an ongoing attempt to break bad habits and establish good ones. It can feel like a burden, even though I love dreaming about change. In an attempt to make life routines a bit more fun, I’ve been building a coffee-a-month habit for the…

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Coffee-a-Month Roundup for 2017

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For two years now, my new year’s resolutions have included trying a new coffee each month. In 2016, this was the only goal I achieved. (Priorities, right?) In 2017, life got away from me a few times; three months were barren, devoid of freshly roasted beans. Such a shame! I…

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Boulder Coffee Fest Recap

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When Mike and I first started dreaming of an extended trip to Boulder this summer, two words came to mind: Caribou Coffee. I love Caribou’s Campfire Mocha and figured Caribou must have shops in Boulder. It’s very name is reminiscent of animals and mountains and nature and all. I figured…

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