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Which Word Wednesday: Barbecue vs. Barbeque

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Tomorrow is our chance to celebrate our nation’s birth with parades, fireworks, and feasting. My guess is that many celebrations will include charring some meat products on a hot grill—something we call a barbecue . . . or is it barbeque? That’s the inspiration for today’s Which Word Wednesday. A…

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Which Word Wednesday: Orphan vs. Widow

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You may be wondering how in the world someone might mix up these two terms. In common, everyday usage, an orphan is a parentless child; a widow is a woman whose husband has died. But these terms are also used in the editing world to describe less-than pleasant text layout….

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Which Word Wednesday: Sherbet vs. Sherbert

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Summer is almost here! And you know what that means: ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen custard, that oh-so-mysterious soft serve stuff, gelato, sorbet, Italian ice, sherbet. The treats are plentiful, which is one of the best parts of summer. But that last item on the list is a tricky fellow;…

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Which Word Wednesday: Connote vs. Denote

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I love it when friends encounter their own word duels and send them my way as potential Which Word Wednesday entries. Today’s match up comes from dear friend Angel who wondered about the difference between connote and denote. Good one! Although I’m familiar with the pair, I had a hard…

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