Let’s get political!

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I used to think that if everyone would just keep their impassioned ideals to themselves, we could avoid these tense exchanges. The problem with this false solution, however, is assuming that political ideals are something you can place in the corner (Baby style) while you continue on with the rest of life.

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Titlting toward warmth

Tilting toward the Warmth

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Does anyone else find Midwest winters way too clingy after January 1? I realize winter technically didn’t begin until December 21, so my patience with it shouldn’t be quite so thin. Spring arrived on time, just a few weeks ago, on March 20, forcing winter to release its grip ever…

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2012 Quarter 2 Bible Reading Report

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My, how time flies! We are 203 days into 2012. According to the nifty calculator I found at, the time passed can also be measured like this: 6 months and 21 days 4,872 hours 292,320 minutes 17,539,200 seconds Quarter 2 + 21 days into my 2012 Bible Reading Challenge…

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2012 Quarter 1 Bible Reading Report

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Sounds so official, doesn’t it? One of the benefits of a blog is the perception of accountability it provides: If I post something I’m praying about or dedicating my time to, it’s out there for the world to see. Perhaps accountability is too strong a descriptor—it’s rare to have anyone…

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Breathing in Faith

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Hello, Poem. We’ve not been meeting like we used to. It’s my fault, really, as I’ve been busy writing in full sentences with proper grammar and well-defined thoughts. And you, in all your quirky playfulness, got pushed to the side. My heart gets crusty without you. Thanks for pursuing me….

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Bemoaning My Inner–Miss Piggy

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No, this isn’t some bizarre reference to H1N1. Miss Piggy just happened to be the example that came to mind as I prepared this third and final post on John Piper’s book The Legacy of Sovereign Joy: God’s Triumphant Grace in the Lives of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin. (I do…

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