Which Type of Runner Are You?

By | faith | 2 Comments

A few months ago, a physical therapy group that specialized in sports rehab started a campaign to promote its services to the general public. The tag line was something like, “Everyone’s an athlete.” The images showed a casual cyclist or someone lifting heavy boxes. The idea was to associate everyday…

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Standing with the Trees

By | faith | One Comment

Winter’s descent upon the trees in my yard has stripped them clean. No more leaves or seed remain. Their gray woody branches poke bravely upward to the sky. Here we are, they say. I look at these trees and know that their nakedness is seasonal, not permanent. Encoded within each…

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Before and After: Passion Week Ponderings

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This passion week I’ve been thinking of Jesus’ followers, trying to imagine how I would have reacted to the stupefying end to the Lord’s life. It’s difficult to comprehend their confusion and sorrow on this side of the resurrection. I come to the passion week knowing the glorious end; those…

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