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Which Word Wednesday: Dressing vs Stuffing

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Today’s Which Word Wednesday is a special Thanksgiving edition, taking on turkey’s carb-alicious sidekick. Some people call it dressing. Some people call it stuffing. Most people think the term they use is the right one. Let’s dig in to this food dilemma with the definitions from The Oxford American Dictionary:…

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Which Word Wednesday Constrain vs Restrain

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Today’s Which Word Wednesday showdown is between two words, constrain and restrain, that in essence speak of control. As usual, each one comes at the idea from a slightly different nuance. And it’s always the nuance that’s tricky! Let’s kick it off in with the definitions from The Oxford American…

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Which Word Wednesday: Because vs. Since

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It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. That’s because the pen writes words that convey thoughts and meaning. Words have power to build up and to tear down—and to send language lovers like me into fits of laughter (or anger). That’s why it helps to…

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