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Road Trip Reflections & Ruminations

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Nothing clears out brain clutter like a road trip. Miles upon miles of staring down the open road is like an open invitation for stray thoughts to present themselves for analysis. Last week I logged almost 900 miles of road time to visit a dear friend in Tennessee, which was…

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What Are You Living For?

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Most of us go about our daily lives following the routine dictated to us by our jobs or family responsibilities, and we rarely give much thought to the reason for it all. Life is full and leaves little time to ponder meaning. So when’s the last time you stopped and…

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The Best Reason to Get Gussied Up

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I’ve heard several times recently the adage that your life is not a dress rehearsal. And it’s got me thinking. This comment is typically said in exasperated tone to shake people into living their lives a different way. At least once this has been how Stacy and Clinton (on What…

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