Oswald Chambers

Will Isn’t the Bad Guy

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Will is getting a bad rap among Christ followers. We have busied ourselves in giving him up, blaming him for leading us away from God’s best. Countless times I have said (and heard others say) something like this: “I just need to give up my Will.” Poor Will. He’s taking…

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Breath for My Spiritual Lungs

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Recently, I posted my ramblings about what prayer is not. For example, prayer is not how you gain God’s approval for the wonderful plan you have for your own life. It is not a token to the divine wish machine. Nor is it merely an avenue for submitting requests for…

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Resolutions with substance

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How happy to know that I’m not the only one yet mulling over 2008 resolutions! My blog stats show that readers are still frequenting these topics (see this one) and even continuing to search for them through tags. Well, I’m still thinking of resolutions too! It’s only Day 15 of…

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