A Confident Hope

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Live life long enough, and you come to realize that suffering cannot be avoided. There are betrayals and disappointments and trials and more. They wear us down, turn us inside out. If we aren’t careful, the sorrow will steal everything from us, even our hope. And we cannot make it…

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Breathing in Faith

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Hello, Poem. We’ve not been meeting like we used to. It’s my fault, really, as I’ve been busy writing in full sentences with proper grammar and well-defined thoughts. And you, in all your quirky playfulness, got pushed to the side. My heart gets crusty without you. Thanks for pursuing me….

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My MMM3 Bandwagon Lost Its Wheels

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July was Mega Memory Month over at Ann Kroeker’s place. She rallied the troops for a third round of mental stretching and training, and I was quick to jump on board. I even sent out my own rally cry, encouraging others to join me. My plan was to memorize Colossians…

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Beyond the Sparkle of Christmas-as-Usual

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Please tell me I’m not the only one who hasn’t yet decorated for Christmas! I had intended to decorate this past week, but some family emergencies cropped up instead. Now it is December 8, just 17 days until Christmas. [eek!] Decorating is always low-key for me (sheer laziness, I admit—it’s…

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