European Holiday Part 1: Berlin, Germany

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So we went to Europe on holiday. This is part 1 of our trip summary–watch for parts 2 and 3! It all started with Mike’s decision to run the Berlin Marathon. It’s a world marathon major—in league with the marathons in Boston, New York, London, Chicago, and Tokyo. These six…

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Finding Rest as I Run

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Now that we’ve hit the back side of March, I think it is safe to speak of winter drawing to a close. Here in central Illinois, this winter was typical—several weeks of brutal cold and wind along with a fair amount of snow and ice. Not the worst, but bad…

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Finding the Fire in My [Runner]Belly

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After 12 half marathon races in three years, I think I’ve finally discovered the race mantra that motivates me. I’ve heard and tried all sorts of motivation phrases over the years, such as: Just keep running, just keep running (Dory’s song) Pain is weakness leaving the body Almost there, almost…

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Which Word Wednesday: Coarse vs. Course

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Although fall doesn’t officially kick off for another 11 days, I tend to think of Labor Day as the beginning of the season. School has started, football is on, the leaves are changing, and—my favorite: There are cross country meets to watch. It’s part nostalgia, part love for running that…

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Which Type of Runner Are You?

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A few months ago, a physical therapy group that specialized in sports rehab started a campaign to promote its services to the general public. The tag line was something like, “Everyone’s an athlete.” The images showed a casual cyclist or someone lifting heavy boxes. The idea was to associate everyday…

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Another Racing First: Alarm Trouble

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Well, I survived every runner’s race day fear: I overslept. Yep. Every time I run the Champaign half marathon something is off-kilter—heat in 2010, illness in 2011, and now oversleeping in 2013. oh.boy. Here’s what happened: As I snuggled into bed Friday night at the iHotel, I set my phone’s…

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Goofy Challenge 2013 Race 2

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The marathon distance holds some sort of spell over our society. Many runners want to conquer it by breaking the 4-hour mark or qualifying for Boston. Even people who aren’t serious runners list “Run a Marathon” on their bucket lists. Except me. I have had zero desire to run 26.2…

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