Goofy Challenge 2013 Race 1

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Years ago when I started running, I would have NEVER imagined that I would think of a half marathon as a short, easy distance. But something has happened to my brain. All the miles have given me, dare I say, confidence. Whoa. That’s something! Especially for me, a noncompetitive runner…

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Mountaintop Meetings and the Number 40

By | faith | One Comment

July has been a big month for me. First there was The Birthday, the one everyone dreads, but because numbers don’t click with my word-wired brain, I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I did, however, appreciate Lodge Lady K’s comment that the number 40 holds special biblical…

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40 Is a Magical Number

By | faith | 5 Comments

Today is the big day: A new decade spans before me. I love new beginnings, so I have my rose-colored glasses firmly in place as I dream of what my 40s will bring. For this chunk of my life, there are so many things I would love to see. Deeper…

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Running for Avishi Race Recap

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Who is Avishi? That was the question of the day at the Allstate Chicago 13.1 where As Our Own’s Team Chicago ran in Avishi’s honor. It’s hard to miss more than 100 runners and supporters donning As Our Own racing jerseys! And Avishi’s name was written everywhere. Arms and legs…

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My 2012 Running Challenge

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There are some children who have moved into the depths of my heart. As my care for them deepens, the smallness of who I am—my thoughts, my concerns, my priorities—must break to accommodate their presence. I am glad for the breaking. Would you like to meet these girls who are changing…

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