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2012 Quarter 3 Bible Reading Report

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It’s the home stretch, my fellow Bible readers! Fall is upon us, and that means we have one quarter left in 2012. Before I look ahead, however, I need to see how far I’ve come in my 2012 reading plan. The Daily Drink = 12 minutes in the Word each…

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To Be a Smithy at Heart

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On Sunday my pastor gave a good teaching. It pierced the heart and was not easy on the ears. The topic was the necessity of Church discipline for the Body to be “transformed into the same image”—the image of Christ Jesus—“from glory to glory” (1 Cor. 3:18). This discipline comes…

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Waiting for Daybreak

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Thunder has been growling at us all morning. His friends—Rain, Lightning, and Gray-Daylight—have been hanging about too. Why does gloom travel in a pack? I tried to keep their negativity from dampening my mood. Really, I did. I made coffee. And yummy coffee, at that! Hazelnut cream. I take it…

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