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Which Word Wednesday: Conceit vs. Concept

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At our family gathering this past weekend, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend said they had a word quandary for me. We proceeded to have a delightful conversation about word usage and context. Afterward, I mentioned it would make a great feature . . . and here it is. This week’s…

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Which Word Wednesday: Historic vs. Historical

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A recent editing job sent me on an etymological hunt for the difference between historic and historical. My search would serve two purposes: The first, for my client; the second, for Which Word Wednesday. C’est magnifique! This quandary arose because I needed to know if Jesus would be considered a…

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Which Word Wednesday: Peruse vs. Skim

By | language | 7 Comments

Do you have favorite words? My guess is you do. Each of us has a preferred vocabulary storehouse from which we draw to think, speak, and write. My vocabulary storehouse holds some words simply because of how they sound rolling off the tongue. These are the words I use generously—words…

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