Fired or Freed_ErinStraza

Fired… or Freed?

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I got fired by a client today. Before you feel too badly for me, let me explain. This client is a longtime colleague and friend, and I was tasked a few months ago to help her with an ongoing mini-writing project. Today when we were chatting, catching up about our…

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My Comfort Detox Manifesto

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It’s Day 2 of the 21-Day Momentum Challenge—an e-newsletter challenge I’ve joined as a commitment to pushing my Comfort Detox Project forward. The homework for Day 2 is to write a manifesto for your project. And . . . cue the hives. Although I am merely typing the words, I…

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Getting a New Journal Is No Small Thing

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The Patch has been rather neglected while I’ve been in Colorado. The crickets have been chirping. And I have missed this place! It’s not that I haven’t been writing; I’ve just not been writing here. Mainly, I’m working on my writing project and some articles, but I’ve also been doing…

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Where You Can Find Me Today

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Most Thursdays you can catch some musings from me in my Mixed Signals column hosted at Christ and Pop Culture. Today is a double feature—not only can you catch me at CaPC, you can also pop over to the True Woman blog for my first guest post. It’s the start…

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Writing Is the Good Kind of Hard

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Because writers write, you would think that working on a writing project would then be easy. Wrong. It’s not easy. It’s hard, but at least it’s the good kind. I think writers are merely willing to labor longer than others, moving words about and deleting them and starting all over…

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