That Time We Went on Holiday to Europe

By October 5, 2016 culture No Comments

Earlier this year, when Mike was solidifying his race schedule with his coach, he mentioned the Berlin Marathon as an option. As in Germany. As in EUROPE. Being the travel enthusiast that I am, my breath caught—I always hoped we would one day go to Europe, but such a trip requires a bit more planning and expense than we typically invest. The likelihood of Berlin being a reality seemed low.

But by spring, Mike renewed his passport and urged me to do the same. He registered for the race and started training in earnest. This was getting really real!! And by mid-summer, the trip was a go. We would start in Berlin for the marathon, continue on to Florence, then wrap up in Paris. (Who are these people who go to Europe on holiday?!?!) Because we had never been to Europe before, we sought some help from a travel agent for booking the flights, but mostly we used the Internet to research lodging, dining, and activities.

We learned so much and the trip was amazing! I’m crafting a post to summarize each leg of the journey—like a travel journal with photos, tips, and recommendations. I’ll update this post with links after each summary goes live. I hope you enjoy reading about our memories and find the information helpful! Stay tuned.

The stops on our holiday to Europe:

Berlin, Germany
Florence, Italy
Paris, France

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