The Best Place to Call Home

By July 24, 2014 faith One Comment

Day 15, Chapter 15

So here we are, in my favorite chapter of John’s Gospel. As usual, I read it and wept. How is it that the God of all Creation invites me to make myself at home with Him? How is it that He chooses me to go and bear fruit for His name? Unreal.

My notes today turned into this graphic:


Today, I’m resting in Jesus’ promise that He chose me to be with Him, dwell with Him, and make myself at home in Him. And I’m asking Him to produce His character and desires in that space so that the Father would be glorified and I might prayer the sorts of prayers that God is pleased to answer.

What is God teaching you in today’s virtual study? Share in the comments or via social media (tag me!).

If you missed Days 1–15, no worries! Start with us tomorrow for Day 16, Chapter 16. All are welcome!

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