The Journey I’m On

By October 18, 2011 faith No Comments


An Inviting Path

Each one of us is on a spiritual journey. Some of us are running toward God. Some of us are running away from God. Some of us are running in circles . . .

Whichever way you are running, the comfort I have is that God is running after each one of us. He seeks all who are lost so that they might be found and find rest in Jesus.

Today as I spent time reading my Bible, my notes reminded me of a page out of a travel journal. So I wrote a little something about it over at EWO Women of the Word. I wrote of my love for starting a new adventure, of my life purpose for bringing out the God-flavors and God-colors in this world, of rough stretches, and of telling a good story.

Check it out in my post titled, “A Page from My Travel Journal.”

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