The Joy of Liberating My Library Account

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ARKS2013One of my most favorite days of the year has arrived: summer reading kick-off day. Seriously. My sister and I plan for it each year. I would make snacks if food were allowed in the library.

Sadly, there was a tiny little black raincloud hovering over this year’s outing. You see, I had an overdue book. Way overdue. Because I procrastinated. And then forgot. Then procrastinated some more . . . until today.

Today was go time.

I unearthed that cloud-producing delinquent and put on my big girl pants. First thing upon arriving to the library, I made a beeline to the counter, took a deep breath, admitted my error to the woman behind the desk, and asked how I could settle my debt. After scanning my library card, the woman said there was actually a bar on my account.

I was blacklisted. At the library.

This is worst-case scenario for a book lover like me.

But the woman showed me much grace and kindness with her words and countenance, informing me what I needed to pay so she could clear my account. She took my payment, clicked all the right buttons, and smiled at me, declaring me good to go. Hooray!

And then, I noticed.

That tiny black raincloud was gone. I was paid up, in good standing, able to fully function as a proper library citizen again. I happily gathered my first set of books for A.R.K.S. (Adults Reading Kids’ Stuff), my debts erased and my conscience set free. It was beautiful.

There is a story even more beautiful than this. It’s the story about being spiritually blacklisted—barred from God’s presence because of sin. Unlike my overdue book, however, I could never pay off my sin-debt. The fine was too great for one who was spiritually bankrupt. Instead, God looked at the bar on my account and offered to pay my debt in full. Jesus paid it for me on the cross and confirmed it in overcoming the grave, rising to life again. Because of Jesus, I am set free to walk in good standing with my Heavenly Father, able to fully function as a citizen of His Kingdom. My debts have been erased and my conscience as been set free, all because of the love of God found in Christ Jesus. Now that’s a beautiful story. And a true one. To read more about this wonder, check out The Story.

Here’s to great stories and wonderful summer reading.

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