The Living One Who Sees Me

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As my husband would attest, I’m not the most observant person when it comes to physical space. I can walk right on by things without noticing. But I cannot NOT pick up on emotional vibes and tension, so I figure my skills lie elsewhere. Suffice it to say, I don’t always track with what’s happening around me.

This has been on my mind since yesterday’s post, in which I wrote about the way zombie-like faith can keep us from observing God’s work right in our midst. I’m wondering… How much am I missing? What if God is working all about and my eyes are so glazed over with the common things of life that I’m missing it all?

One of the greatest beauties of the gospel is that God has done for us what we are not able to do for ourselves. We are wrought with sin, bearing its burdens and shame, unable to break free. God knows our frame, knows our bondage, and He chooses to come to our aid. He is our Messiah, our Deliverer, the one who breaks the power of sin and breathes spiritual life into our deadened hearts. He is making our eyes to see, our ears to hear—He is making us more and more alive, as He is. Although our eyesight (the whole body, really) will break down with age, God does sharpen our spiritual eyes as we become more like Him.

Life takes its toll on our physical being. But that’s not to say our physical sight (and body) isn’t important to God. The Gnostics downplayed the physical aspects of life and elevated the spiritual. In so doing, however, we lose the value of the body that God created and called very good. Our frames are but dust, but they are worth more than mere dirt. Our bodies reflect the image of God Himself, which is why God is making us new, inside and out, and one day our bodies will be glorified in the resurrection for the age to come.

Having eyes that see is a restoration of what God intended all along. Both physical sight and spiritual sight are characteristics of the One whose image we bear. Our Creator truly is a God who sees (Genesis 16:13–14). He is not blind to me or anything happening on this broken sod. All of it matters, the physical realm as well as the spiritual.

And this brings me great comfort. Despite all that I may miss of God’s work and nearness all around, the good news is that God doesn’t miss one bit of it. I may miss out on Him time and again due to my poor observational skills and zombie-like faith that skews my sight. But there is never a moment that God does not see everything… even me.

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