The Loot of a Magazine Treasure Hunt

By June 23, 2008 culture No Comments

This is the Summer of Declutter(ing). Progress is painfully slow; perhaps a sequel will be in order.

Of the few things I have done, there is one task that I have thoroughly enjoyed! I’ve reviewed about half of the magazines in my magazine bin, tearing out interesting articles and recipes and such so that I can recycle the remainder. (Tidbit: Did you know that ads compose 50 percent of the pages in a typical magazine? Another convincing reason for me to clean out the bin.)

In Country Livings 2008 Women Entrepreneurs issue, I found a one-page article discussing the importance of a remarkable business card. The content was sparse, but the photography caught my eye!

I love the colors, the various fonts and graphic elements, and the shapes and sizes. I would love to have all those cards, to have and to hold . . .

That, however, would be in direct violation of the Summer of Declutter(ing) mandate. Sigh.

A few of the cards beckoned me to hunt for the company’s Web site. The lime green card to the right for Tribbles Home & Garden didn’t disappoint! The site is as lovely as the card design. SHINE Home made me smile! So very creative, and I love the home address,

What joy when a business card gives a sneak peak of what awaits in cyberspace! Something about the integration and echo puts everything in place, in purpose.

So it’s true. Business cards do pack a powerful punch in a small package. Be sure to make yours worthwhile.

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