The Sticky Stories of True Woman ’10

By September 24, 2010 culture, faith No Comments

Stories are precious. The True Woman conference has been a showcase of stories—of trial, victory, hurt, healing, despair, hope.

A few stories have been highlighted and heard from the platform, and yet there are many more untold stories here among 6,000 women. These highlighted stories belong to all of us though. That’s why stories are so powerful: We can relate to them and see ourselves in their reflections.

Over at High Calling Blogs, we’ve been looking at the power of ideas that are sticky. Stories are sticky because in them we attach the elements that relate to our own journey. I’ve heard lots of stories that are sticking to me, adhering to the depths of my soul.

Here I’ve seen my own heart too, and here I see once again (always! daily!) I am in desperate need of the grace and transformation of Jesus. Anew, I am in need, and I am grateful for all He is already doing to encourage me that the work is His and the work is promised in fulfillment.

This is the beauty of transparency within the Body—we share our stories from beginning to end and from difficulty to victory, and the stickiness increases as we connect and share and support and pray and cry and praise . . . together.

This is the power of story shared. This is the power of Story, shared. All thanks to you, Lord Jesus, the Author of the Grand Story of Redemption.

Amen, and amen.

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