The Thinks I Want to Think

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My thinks are often not thinking the way I want them to think. My thinks can be whiny and negative and suspicious when I want them to be merry and upbeat and trusting. My thinks are in regular need of Think Camp.

37429188Think Camp is like a boot camp for the brain. I get my thinks all structured and organized. I limit outside influences and distractions. I work my thinks into proper shape and condition.

By the end of camp, my thinks think the way I want them to think. They line up in colorful parades, marching about gloriously alive, just as we saw in the Dr. Seuss book.

So I’ve signed my thinks up for a third round of training, via the Mega Memory Month challenge.

October 2008 launched MMM1, during which I meditated on Scripture (John 15 and James 1). My results were decent, and it encouraged me to give it another go the next time.

January 2009 was MMM2. I meditated on Scripture (solidifying John 15) and learned the states and capitals—a review test I took last week showed an encouraging retention rate (100 percent scores on naming the state for the capital, 94 percent for naming the capital for the state). This round was full and fun!

Now, in MMM3, I have three goals for my thinks:

  1. Scripture to savor (reviewing John 15, starting Colossians 1)
  2. A poem to memorize (“Forgotten Language,” by Shel Silverstein)
  3. Some French words to review (my explanation will come in another post, on another day . . . but symbolically related to the poem I’m learning)

Today is Day 6 of MMM3. Tomorrow, Hostess Ann will post our progress reports (thanks, Ann!), but I’m fairly sure this is it for me in week one—I’ve organized my goals, collected my materials. I’m hopeful that the next three weeks will get my routine in gear.

But these are the thinks I’ll be glad to think come July 31. Be sure to come back for the parade.

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