The Three Cs of Christmas

By December 20, 2012 culture 3 Comments

Nothing says Christmas like cookies, cocoa, and crafts.

That’s the magical trio I included in the annual Christmas party I host for my sister’s kids. The first two Cs I can manage fairly well, being food related and all. It’s the third C in that trio that gets me. But let’s start with the good stuff.

chocolatecrinklesPBblossomsMy cookie prep is a bit behind schedule, so there were just two basic kinds ready for the party: Peanut Butter Blossoms and Chocolate Crinkles. You may be wondering why my PB Blossoms are rolled in yellow and blue sugar. That’s because I’m out of the traditional green and red, and the grocery store shelves were barren. I had these two on hand, which give these cookies a bit of a Hanukkah look. Mike has Jewish heritage, so I figured, Done. (Sugar is sugar, right?) saltedcaramelbars

The third plate of deliciousness is stacked with salted caramel chocolate squares. It is my kryptonite.

Now, the cocoa was your basic milk and powder variety, but the marshmallows were special! Snowmen shaped and French Vanilla flavored. Let’s not think too long about the chemicals I’ve served my beloved nephews and niece in the name of cuteness.

mug2mug1The mugs and plates are part of this party—each year, I find festive sets to give the kids. By the time this tradition passes, these kids will enough Christmas mugs and plates to host a party for 30 people.

During the cookie-cocoa portion, I always read a little something to point to Jesus. This year, I read from The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. Her poetic style and the vibrant illustrations make my heart soar. Here’s a video of the chapter I read:

scenebySirP scenebySirJAfter the reading and the food, we moved on to the third C, crafts. It’s not my strength, but I give it my best go. The kids always roll with my meager instructions and despite my inability to answer basic questions about how the craft is supposed to work.

This year, the idea was to decorate doorknob signs with paper strips to make fanciful Christmas trees. Figuring out how to paste the small strips was a challenge at first, but each of us found a system and completed the art projects.treebyLadyStreebyLadyE

Time spent with these kids is so precious to me. They say funny things and are easy to be with. (My sis and her husband are doing a great job!) I’m glad they are still amused by their aunt who feeds them lots of sugar and drops crazy crafting projects in their laps.

Merry Christmas!


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