This Is Blogging in Real Life

By July 1, 2014 culture, faith 2 Comments

Hello, again, my friends. How I have missed meeting you here!

As you may know, I’ve been on hiatus from my blog this spring, completing the first draft of my writing project. It was sad to leave this space idle, but during the break, my blog got a renovation! Wonder designer Josh created a Web site for me ( and tucked my blog ( into it. The site is still under construction, but the shell is functioning and will soon be complete.

How I wanted everything to be in tip-top shape when I started blogging again. I wanted all the construction dust swept. I didn’t want unfinished corners. I didn’t want to be in process.

But then I realized that so much—too much—of my time is spent waiting for the ever-elusive perfection. In the waiting, I miss out, keeping people at arm’s length until things are spiffy enough for company.


I am a woman in process, and so is my Web site. Come, see what’s been done so far. Poke around the work Josh has completed (and give him a shout-out for his amazing work!). Look at the renovation dust, take a peek at the pieces yet undone. This is real life, people.

My real life purpose here is to fill this patch of cyber-sky with the goodness of God. I want to use every inch allotted to me. There is so much to say, and I don’t want to wait another day.

Let’s do this.

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