Three Cheers for Progress on 2015 Goals

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Welcome to the second quarter of 2015! We’re three months into the new year—how are you doing on your 2015 goals? It’s possible your goals have faded to the background by now. That happens. Mine keep slipping into the shadows, and I’ve had to coax them back into the light a few times already.

My end-of-month personal review is supposed to be a help in assessing progress and reminding me what I’m trying to accomplish. And it would . . . if I actually had such a review in place. It was on my list for this year, and ironically, I can’t seem to get it developed.

Although a monthly review sounds very formal and strict, trust me—it is all about resetting my focus for what’s ahead, rather than condemning me for what I’ve left undone. Done is better than a pretty system though, so here’s a quick year-to-date review:

spiritual > read through the Bible and look for ways to share The Story with others
This year, I am reading the Bible cover to cover to get a broad overview of God’s redemption story. I’ve loved it and progress has been steady. I have not done a great job sharing God’s story. Lots of prayer needed there.

relational > catch up with Mike throughout the workday and have monthly family gatherings
I’ve had good progress in connecting with Mike throughout my day. I’m still struggling to plan out family gatherings though. Planning is not my strength, but I’d still like to grow in this.

mental > read one nonfiction and one fiction book each month
March didn’t afford me as much reading time as I would have liked. I finished The Warmth of Other Suns; made progress in Mere Christianity, Love Does, and The Grave Robber; and started Fierce Convictions and The Things of Earth. Maybe I just have too many books going at the same time! I’m sure the number of pages read would equal one book done, but those pages are spread out among too many books.

physical > run four times a week to break my race records, complete core workouts twice a week, and go to bed by 9PM
Running has been rough. I’m getting out three times a week though, hitting it hard until my race at the end of April. I do not expect a fast time, but I hope to run without mishaps! Core work has been decent. It’s not twice a week every week, but it has been way more consistent. My 9PM bedtime has slipped since last month, but I’m going to get back to that starting this week.

professional > write two blogs per week and develop a social media plan, return messages within 24 hours, and do the next week’s planning Fridays at 3:30PM
Blogging has been more consistent, but not twice a week. No social media plan as of yet—perhaps that will be an April goal! Messages are still rough for me. Friday review and planning has been decent and a huge help.

domestic > plan next week’s meals Friday night
This needs work. It’s so worth it when I get it done! I’m traveling a ton in the weeks ahead, so I’m just going to do my best on this one.

In addition to these specific goals, I also chose a theme for 2015, Rise + Shine. It sums up the character that I sense God wants to grow in me this year. Here’s how I described Rise + Shine:

It’s time, with God’s help, for me to walk out some things God has been teaching me over the past few years related to how I think and how I live. I desperately want to grow into my identity as a beloved child of the Heavenly Father. Daughters of the King have no reason to live in fear, shame, or guilt! But too often I make my bed in the dark places, forgetting that because of God’s relentless love for me in Christ Jesus, I am now free to live courageously and passionately.

I’d say this is the most important goal for the year, but it’s also the most difficult to measure. Am I still making my bed in dark places? Am I living more and more in the love of Christ? hmm. Not sure how to measure these things. But reminding myself of the vision gives me focus for prayer. I’ve found that the things I talk to God about are the things that I become attuned to in daily life.

That does it for March and quarter one. Let’s hear it for progress, yes?!

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