Tilting toward the Warmth

By April 4, 2019 faith No Comments
Titlting toward warmth

Does anyone else find Midwest winters way too clingy after January 1? I realize winter technically didn’t begin until December 21, so my patience with it shouldn’t be quite so thin. Spring arrived on time, just a few weeks ago, on March 20, forcing winter to release its grip ever so slightly. The sun has blessed us with her warmth as our part of the earth has begun to tilt closer.

In like fashion, my faith seems to be thawing after a cold and mean first quarter of 2019. I started with all my usual new year gusto. But my gumption was no match for the gray that descended sometime between January and February. It didn’t matter that I had chosen a theme for the year and outlined goals and brought a bright planner. It didn’t matter that I had meaningful work and creative projects. It didn’t even matter that I finally started using the quote board I got as a Christmas gift, where I could script a motto for each month to place at my desk for maximum motivation.

Winter had set in, and I just wanted to hibernate.

Hibernation is one of my proven escape mechanisms. (Hello, Comfort Detox.) Emotional winter beckons me to hold out for spring by settling in with my favorite people and things. Part of the appeal in this season is probably linked to the heavy workload I’ve had this year—there has been an abundance of new projects, new clients, new ways to weave words into the world. Freelance work is rarely at the ideal, just-right level—it’s either too much or not enough. Learning contentment no matter the circumstance applies here.

In this season of plenty, all my energy has been directed at work projects, leaving my heart a bit cold and sluggish. The plenty on the outside has stolen a bit of life from the inside.

And still. God has not abandoned me. I trust He is working deep within me, beyond the hardened surface layers frosted over by the winter winds, preparing me for a spring that I’m desperate to see and feel and marvel at. Today I tilted my heart toward the warmth of the Savior’s love. Spring is coming.

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