To Change or Not to Change?

By September 25, 2010 culture, faith No Comments

After days of being emotionally plowed at the True Woman ’10 conference, I’m wrapping up my time here. [sigh.]

(Although the frequency of my posts will now return to the usual level, I will certainly write more about what I’ve learned in future posts. So come on back next week!)

Rich is the word I would use to describe this conference. I’ve heard so many solid points of truth that have broken up long-fallow places. I’ve heard practical truth for how to tame my heart’s ever-shifting feelings, how to respond to tough situations without lashing out, and how to protect myself from the culture’s assault.


So much truth, and so little mental power left to process and implement. I’m full to overflowing with convictions for change and a burning desire for more of God’s transformative work.

But change is hard.

Do you know what I mean by that?

Change comes by God’s work of sanctification, I know. God does the work as I yield to Him. But the yielding is hard. It requires intentionally putting myself within the Refiner’s Fire. Ouch.

And I’ve felt that heat before, so in some measure I know the burn that will come when God torches the parts of me that diminish His glory from radiating in my life.

Purposefully placing myself in the fire is a hard choice. But I know I will only find Jesus there, in the fire . . . if I turn away from His refining, I turn away from His fellowship. Double ouch.

Yes, God has used this conference to remind me that the fire of change is the best place to be.

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