Today is June twenty-third-rd

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Yes, I am a grammar geek. I admit it. And I am tortured by what I see.

As I begin my blogging life (I’m just 1 week old), I must post an official comment on the format of the date for each post.

“June 23rd, 2007”

What’s with the “rd”? Dates are automatically read with “st” or “rd.” There is no need to add it in. Now we have this strange ending, like we’re revving down an engine. “June twenty-third-rd” is how this would be read. But no one reads it that way. Instead the extra “rd” is left hanging, invisible-like. Maybe that part is silent.

I searched high and low for a way to change the date, to no avail. So here I make my protest—a requirement, I think—in honor of my passion for proper use of the language.

If anyone out there has found a way to correct it, please pass that along! The date makes me whince every time I see it. Yes, I already mentioned I am a geek.

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