Trusting God When No One’s Looking

By March 11, 2013 faith One Comment

aloneThis just might be the age of the personal quest. People are biking across country or running 52 marathons in 52 weeks or doing something every day for a year. Feats like these are markers, pinpointing the place where heart and action crossed paths and joined hands.

I’ve had a few of those myself—not big enough to draw media attention or anything, but big for me. In these feats, my need for God’s presence and strength was evident, exercising and stretching my faith. I cherish what I learned and the experiences I gained.

But in between these major feats I have a lot of regular life to walk out, during which I still need God’s presence and strength. I need Him, but the familiarity can fool me. I forget that my need is steady even though the circumstances change. Fenelon said it like this:

“Heroic sacrifices are held up as true examples of trusting God. To truly trust God is not so glamorous.”1

Each day I am presented with countless opportunities to trust God. It’s the everyday things like wanting things my way instead of laying down my life for others . . . wanting to prove my worth or my point instead of exalting the name of Jesus . . . wanting to overindulge instead of feasting on God’s presence . . . wanting to do penance instead of resting in God’s all-sufficient grace.

The every day opportunities to trust aren’t so glamorous because these take place in the secret, where only you and the Lord are aware.

I think following the Lord in faith will often result in personal quests and feats that are out-of-the-ordinary. But the daily act of trusting God is not less than that.

Today, I am trusting God to help me trust.


1. Fenelon. The Seeking Heart. N.p.: Seed Sowers, 1992. 66. Print.
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