What Is a True Woman, Anyway?

By September 28, 2010 faith No Comments

Many of you joined me here last week for my blogging adventure to the True Woman ’10 conference in Indianapolis. Thanks for your visits, comments (here and on my Facebook), e-mails, phone calls, and text messages! I felt loved.

Today, I’m looking at my notes, remembering the messages I heard, reviewing the conversations I had . . . and I’m completely heart-happy. What a great experience!

If you can arrange it, there is a True Woman conference in Fort Worth, Texas, October 14–16. I highly recommend it—it will be water to your soul.

With many conference opportunities, you may be wondering why you should make an effort for this one in particular. What is a True Woman, anyway? Well, the True Woman Web site gives this overview:

A true woman is willing, serious, and determined to reflect the beauty and heart of Christ to her world. She seeks to live a God-centered life, trusting Him and saying, “Yes, Lord!” She knows this is only possible by His grace, and seeks to do so in community, which is why we’re so glad you stopped by!

And what does it mean to me to be a true woman? I would describe a true woman like this:

A true woman is one who leans hard into Jesus by seeking Him in the Word, through prayer, and in deep, transparent community with others who are seeking Him likewise.

A true woman plants roots in the Word (studying, meditating, reading) and lives by it—turning to the Word for wisdom on how to make decisions, calm the heart, repair relationships, break addictions, manage time, and so on.

A true woman is in process—not perfect, but not stuck in the same patterns year-in, year-out. She seeks God’s refining to close the gaps between what she believes and how she behaves.

My heart burns with excitement after gathering my thoughts here! I want these statements to describe me in increasing measure.

This year’s conference reset my heart and mind in places that have gotten off-kilter—places I hadn’t even noticed were unbalanced.

Interestingly enough, a powerful moment for me was during the reading the True Woman Manifesto. Nothing has changed in that Word-drenched document from 2008’s reading. But the Lord used it to pierce my soul and highlight the places He wants to work in me. If there will be two years before the next conference, that’s probably good, because it may take that long for these changes to come to fruition!

Becoming a true woman is both simple and complex. It’s about God’s sanctifying work in us, but it’s also about us getting serious about loving God fully. It’s a high calling, a lovely calling, one that is big enough to live for a lifetime and to count for eternity.

Come with me! It will be more fun if we’re in it together.

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