What Is True Life?

By September 21, 2012 faith No Comments

There are lots of voices calling out to women today, giving us options for how to live, how to find life.

Mary Kassian just spoke to this here at True Woman ’12. Looking at Isaiah 1–5, God’s Word lists some mindsets and lifestyles that we look to for life. Things like materialism, indulgence, cynicism, immorality, intellectualism, conformity. Then there are things specific to women, like false ideology, girl power, arrogance, sexual forwardness, obsession with image, and insolence.

The world tells us we can grab onto these for life. We grab. And we fall. The rope held out for us isn’t tethered to anything substantial. We crash with consequences of emptiness, loneliness, bondage, shame, grief, identity issues, desperation. It isn’t pretty.

Mary Kassian challenges us to ignore the world’s offers of false life. Instead, women can pursue God’s offer for life, life that is fulfilling and meaningful. And lasting. And true.

There are lots of offers for women today to come this way and that to find life. Have you found it yet?

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