What’s the Most Beautiful Story You’ve Ever Heard?

By August 4, 2013 faith One Comment

BookletMy memory is broken. Too often, information goes in, roams around a bit, and then slips away in the still moments when I am distracted with other things. Or it goes in and sticks around, but hides in the folds of my heart, my soul, tucking itself away when I need it to remain front and center.

Some days I forget the most beautiful story my ears have ever heard. I want it to stay at the forefront, but when my day goes wonky, it can get lost in the shuffle. The undercurrent is there, for this story is the foundation of who I am. But on the surface, I can forget, even though I mean not to.

What is this beauty?

It’s the beauty that God has had mercy on me, a sinner; He has forgiven me, restoring me to right standing with Him, pulling me out of darkness, granting me full access to all that He is in Christ Jesus. This means freedom and life and hope and purpose and more.

The beauty of this story is Jesus, the most compassionate, giving, loving Person this world has ever known. By His life, through His death, and in His resurrection He proves that He is the Hero of this grand tale, the very story God has been telling throughout the ages. This story is all about Him, His love, His forgiveness, His goodness. This story is not about me—for I cannot carry the lead. How inept I am to live a perfect life, to walk ever in faith, to prove my worth. The good news frees me from this weight—for all the goodness that we long for in our heroes is found in Jesus.

Because this story has the power to change the very fiber of my being, I don’t want to forget it. So I come back to it, time and again. I read about Jesus’ life and what He said. I read about God’s ways and promises. I go to church to hear the good news and lift my heart in awe of Him.

While we’ve been in Boulder, I’ve had the joy of attending The Well to have my memory of the story jogged. The service is simple, heartfelt, joyful, casual, true. It’s all about the story, all about the beauty of Jesus and what He has done for us. And today, this song reminded me what I am prone to forget, that the Gospel is all I have. The lyrics are below; take a listen to the song via the link, and remember once again the beauty of this story that has rocked the world.

The Gospel Is All I Have
Words and Music by Nathan Partain

The gospel is all I have. The gospel is all I have.
No well-kept, presentable life to display;
The gospel is all I have.

The gospel is all I have.
No courage, no virtuous, bold use of faith;
The gospel is all I have.

Well, the Lord God Almighty leapt down from the sky,
And he made himself nothing and served till he die,
So that I, just a beggar, at the Judgment might cry, “The gospel is all I have!”

The gospel is all I have. The gospel is all I have.
No merit to offer. No excuses to make.
The gospel is all I have.

The gospel is all I have. The gospel is all I have.
No clever, persuasive words I could say
No debt I could work off. No bribe I could pay,
No goodness. No promise of love that won’t fade.
The gospel is all I have. The gospel is all I have.

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