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It’s Day 21 of the Write 31 Days challenge! My series is titled Wake up from Zombie-Like Faith—because it’s October and because some seasons of life send us staggering about in a fog. (ammirite?) And if you’ve been following along, you may have noticed a glitch. Day 20 never happened. After a full day of work I moved right into Friday night plans and didn’t even think about crafting an entry—until I woke up this morning. Let’s blame that on zombie brain, shall we?

In the series, I’m writing about dulled senses that are characteristic of zombie-like faith. First was sight, then hearing, now it’s taste, which I have a few more things to say about, but first, I saw something fun trending on Twitter and wanted to give it my own creative spin. The hashtag #WhatZombiesAreThinking was all abuzz this week. People were posting photos of zombies with clever captions attached, like these:

So what would spiritual zombies be thinking? I thought I’d start my own list, although these are much more serious than the Twitter entries!

  • Why do I feel so disconnected from God?
  • Why do I feel so sluggish and worn out?
  • Will my eyes ever see God’s works again?
  • Why can’t I seem to hear God’s voice?
  • How can I boost my appetite for spiritual things?
  • Will I ever feel spiritually alive inside again?
  • How can I get my brain set on things above instead of earthly things?

Well, that’s a start to #WhatSpiritualZombiesAreThinking. I doubt it will trend on Twitter. But it’s helpful to think about the questions that roll about in our hearts and souls. What questions would you add?

Write 31 Days Challenge // Wake up from Zombie-Like Faith

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