When Your Spiritual Sight Is Fuzzy

By October 12, 2017 faith No Comments

Our bodies have these amazing sensors through which we gather information about our surroundings. Eyes, ears, mouth, nose, skin—these faculties work together to inform, warn, and direct. Without our senses, we would be in grave danger, either from imperceptible harm from the world around us or from the psychological trauma of being utterly disconnected from the outside.

Or, you might just be a zombie.

Not for real, of course. I mean in a spiritual sense. The state of our heart and soul has a tremendous affect on how we perceive life. Without spiritual sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, we are operating as spiritual zombies, lagging inside because our senses are either dead (completely offline) or hindered (unable to process correctly).

So let’s look at each of these five senses, starting with sight.

My physical eyesight is terrible—so bad, in fact, that I can no longer read a book (or anything else) without my contacts or glasses. Each year when my optometrist has to adjust my prescription, I am both discouraged and grateful. I’m discouraged because it seems I’ve taken yet another step toward being blind. I’m grateful because there is still a way for me to be able to see.

Those who are alive in Christ have been given another sort of sight—the ability to see, or discern, spiritual things. The sharpness of this sight is affected greatly by the state of our heart and soul. When we are suffering from zombie-like faith, our ability to see spiritually is diminished.

And when our spiritual eyesight is lagging, God provides the means for correction. Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” (Matthew 5:8). For healthy spiritual sight, we need a regular practice of confession before God.

How’s your spiritual sight today? If it’s a bit foggy, set aside some time with God to confess your sins, receive His forgiveness, and ask for the ability to see spiritual things once again.


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