Which type of writer are you?

By June 24, 2007 faith, language 3 Comments

In preparation for the Write-to-Publish conference, I visited the Web sites of several publishers that were to be in attendance there. An editor from Pray! magazine (also representing its sister-publication Discipleship Journal) was on the schedule, so I visited the site to review its submission guidelines.

This is how the description begins:


Guidelines for Writers

As you read the following quotation, consider whether you are the first type of author, or the second:

“A famous Chinese writer tells us there are two classes of author. One kind will accumulate data, sort them and draw conclusions. The other kind, faced with the same data, incorporates them into his or her life, and later is compelled to write by the urgency of a vital experience.

Consequently, there will be two classes of [writings]. The first [type] has passed only through the writer’s intellect; the second is the costly fruit of the writer’s pains, struggles and joys. It reflects as wisdom tested in life’s laboratory.”

—By John White, quoted from his forward to Authority to Heal by Ken Blue

It is this second type of writer for which Pray! is looking.

The stark contrast between these two types of writers is almost crushing to me. It hit me that above all else, I am called to be in process and real before my God and Maker. The fruit of His work in my heart and life will then be sustenence for any who draw near.

I want to write of the real pain, struggles, and joys of going the way with Jesus. This sort of writing is costly; it lays the heart out bare for all to see. I am praying that I am up to the task.

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