Which Word Wednesday: Green Superhero Edition

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Everything I know about comic book superheroes I learned from the hubster. Without him, I would never have watched Smallville or the X-Men movies. I’m not an all-out fan, but I have enjoyed the creativity behind the characters and their powers.

There are some superhero facts, however, that refuse to stick in my brain. Take the green ones, for example. There are several characters with that color in their name: Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Green Hornet. And I mix them up, much to the hubster’s chagrin.

I mentioned my confusion during a dinner with friends this past weekend. My friend suggested I dedicate a Which Word Wednesday to the topic. That sounded like great fun, so today’s match up is for all the superheroes with the first name Green.

Oddly enough, the Oxford American Dictionary did not have profiles for them, so I did some searching on the Web. Here’s what I found at NPR:

Green Arrow :: aka Oliver Queen
uses a bow and arrow to fight crime; is a spoiled, young millionaire who has a change of heart after his plane crashes on a deserted island; survives the island by making his own bow and arrow set; upon returning home, dedicates himself to fighting crime

Green Hornet :: aka Britt Reid
wears a green trench coat and drives a tricked-out sedan; is a spoiled, young millionaire who inherited his father’s newspaper and uses it as a cover for his bad guy persona (Green Hornet); uses his disguise to infiltrate and take down the underworld

Green Lantern :: aka Hal Jordon
wears a green leotard and has a magic ring (recites an oath to recharge it every 24 hours); is an arrogant pilot chosen to fight crime in space; the magic ring (powered by its wearer’s willpower) can conquer anything (as long as it’s not yellow)

The Arrow fights with a bow and arrow. The Hornet wears the trench coat. The Lantern wears the magic ring. See?! Easy peasy!

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What’s my WWW verdict? Green is now off limits for any future superhero needing a moniker.

What’s your verdict? Do you know your Green superheroes? Do you have a memory hook for keeping them straight? Do share in the comments.


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