Why I Don’t Need Reading Resolutions Plus Book Club Invitations

By January 4, 2013 culture One Comment

booksDid you create any reading goals for 2013?

Making resolutions about reading seems rather unnecessary for me considering I want to read All The Books anyway. There is no way I would not read, so it seems sort of silly to make a resolution about something that will happen anyhow. Sort of like resolving to stop eating lima beans when I don’t eat them ever.

But I did develop some goals to keep my book selection varied and my reading stack moving. Here are a few reading goals I have for 2013:

  • finish my 2012 alpha-order Bible reading to feed my soul
  • read 1 chapter per day of whatever Christian book I’m working through
  • read 1 work-related (writing, communications, marketing, etc.) book per month to fuel my work
  • read 1 classic per quarter for my years’ ongoing alpha-order goal
  • read and participate in book club discussions (Food for Thought and The High Calling) in spring and fall

Speaking of book clubs, if you are looking for some book-related fellowship, you are welcome to join one of these two.

Food for Thought book club meets in person at my house and is organized through my church. All reading women are welcome! For the next meeting, we’ll be discussing Because He Loves Me by Elyse Fitzpatrick. Grab a book and read it through, making note of anything that is especially meaningful to you and also working through the reflection questions at the end of each chapter. To attend our February discussion, simply let me know you are interested, and you’ll be included in the date-selection e-mailer that I’ll send toward the end of January.

The High Calling book club meets online. We read the assigned chapters and gather up on Mondays to “discuss” via blog post reflections. You can simply stop in THC to read participant posts, or you can write a post of your own on your blog and then link it up to THC. In January, we are reading Karen Swallow Prior’s Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me. To join, simply get the book and start reading! Visit THC to discuss chapters 1–3 Monday, January 7.


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