Why I Need a Quiet Time

By May 28, 2012 faith 3 Comments

When I was in college, there was much talk in Christian circles about developing your “Quiet Time.” This Quiet Time was to be a daily meeting with God. The purpose? Getting to know Jesus through prayer, worship, and studying the Bible.

Those are good things. Knowing Jesus is the best thing, really. But in time, the term Quiet Time fell out of favor, as all buzzwords do. Some people began to scoff at a dedicated, daily Quiet Time, calling it mere ritual religiosity. I now find myself hesitant to call my time with God a Quite Time because I didn’t want the baggage that comes with the term.

But here’s the deal. I want to know Jesus. To know Him, I need to spend time with Him. On purpose.

When I schedule time with my friends or with the Hubster, no one accuses me of feigned relationship. It is assumed to be a good thing.

I’m not spending time with Jesus to feign a relationship—I do it because I want to deepen it. To do so, I need to know what Jesus thinks and how He acts, so I read the Gospels. I want to know the heart of God, the heart that planned my redemption before the foundation of the world, so I read the Old Testament. I want to share my heart with Him, so I pray and trust that He captures every word as treasure. And I need to hear His heart toward me, so I need to sit quiet, be still, and know that He is God.

All these things take time. If I don’t take time, my relationship with Jesus will never grow—I’ll be completely stunted and stalled out. My brokenness will win out because I’ll be caught in sin. I’ll fall prey to my weaknesses and character defects.

During worship yesterday at church, we sang the song “Hosanna” by Paul Baloche. This line pierced my heart: “When we see You, we have strength to face the day.” This is why I spend time with Jesus—I need to see Him. If I don’t get a glimpse of Him, I won’t have the strength I need to get my work done, to reach out in love, to hold my tongue, or to say no to my unruly heart.

A life lived for God’s glory must be lived on purpose. So if spending time with Jesus sounds like mere ritual to some people, so be it. I’m having my Quiet Time so I will see His face and have strength to face the day.

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