Why I’m Running in 2011

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I have one of those love/hate relationships with running. It looks like this:

LOVE = keeping in shape / being able to eat sweets / the feeling of accomplishment after I finish a run / the friendships forged over many miles

HATE = feeling out of breath / freezing in the winter / overheating in the summer / regular aches and pains / heading out the door when I’d rather curl up with a book (or do just about anything else but run)

Somehow, the love must be outweighing the hate, because I’ve been running consistently now for 2.5 years. Participating in races keeps me scared enough to keep up the miles, so that also motivates when the hate side looms.

Another motivation for 2011 is that I get to run for As Our Own, a nonprofit organization that rescues the vulnerable children of India from the treacherous situations leading them to certain futures of bonded labor (either in organized begging or the sex trade).

This isn’t just a random charity I’ve selected—this is an organization I have the honor and joy of developing communications for. I’m writing Web site content, donor support letters, grant proposals, press packs, video captions, and newsletter articles. This is the sort of work that doesn’t feel like work—I love the staff; the work both breaks and overflows my heart; and the girls I’ve met (via Skype!) are lovely beyond words.

Basically, my heart has been stolen. And so I will gladly run this year to help rescue even one more girl from a future life of horrific bondage.

While I race on the As Our Own team in 2011, my goal is to raise $1,500 to fund transportation to get the rescued girls to school, lessons, and activities. If you are interested in sponsoring me, check out my fund-raising page. I’ve also listed the giving options below.

Your gifts will grow these girls into the adults they dream of becoming. They will learn new languages . . . play beautiful music . . . grow strong through sports . . . and develop skills for the life that has been given back to them through the As Our Own family.

Together, we can love these girls as we would love our own.

Because love is a greater force than hate.


Racing and Fund-Raising Updates
I plan to post about my racing and fund-raising efforts throughout the year here and via Facebook and e-mail. Your comments are always welcome!

Giving Options
Donations of any amount are needed and appreciated (and tax deductible). If you feel so moved to give you may do so by:

  • credit card at my secure fund-raising page at FirstGiving.com
  • cash or checks made payable to As Our Own—sent to me (e-mail me for mailing info)

Learn More :: As Our Own
AsOurOwn.com (full site launch in April)
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